Georgia Talent Showcase

Look Up Atlanta’s “Georgia Talent Showcase”

Some of the entertainment industry’s most celebrated acts are from the Atlanta area or have cut their teeth performing at one of the many venues around the city. In keeping with this tradition, Look Up Atlanta is giving aspiring Georgia-based entertainers the chance to perform live in Centennial Olympic Park on the Look Up Atlanta stage.

After a round of online auditions, and then in-person auditions, our finalists for the inaugural Georgia Talent Showcase have been selected! Our performers this year (in no particular order) are: Lola Lada, Vince Ashton, Quezt (Anthony Velazquez), Michelle Winters, RJ Brady, Melodie Fort, Turquoise Music, Milyssa Rose, Meech Music, and Lynn Tate!

For more information about each act, please see below.

Lola Ladae

Lola Ladae' is a neo-soul singer, songwriter and bassist with alto smooth vocals. Lola creates music that thrives at the intersection of love, self-love, positivity and sometimes love loss and heartache. She has shared stages with hundreds of artists in over 50 cities worldwide. Ladae's love for music and creativity has spread throughout Georgia’s artist community in just three short years by way of her organization Poetic Jazz, an organization that curates eclectic & unique concerts, her new artist park & event space, Hustle & Lo Studios, and her involvement as an independent artist & musician in the Atlanta musician scene.

Vince Ashton is an internationally recognized artist, event host and personality native to Atlanta. His soulful voice and dynamic personality has opened for the likes of Monica, Canton Jones, Karen Clark Sheard, Sammie, Q. Parker of the R&B Group 112 and the former First Lady, Michelle Obama just to highlight a few. He has hosted nationwide dance competitions, Battle of the Bands events and been a featured emcee on both the OWN & Oxygen networks. He has recently debuted on a global scale as a contestant on the Food Network Canada's and The CW's hit show, "The Great Chocolate Showdown". Vince has also become a staple Anthem Singer for the NBA G-League team Atlanta Skyhawks, as well as Atlanta's major league Lacrosse and Rugby League games. With no plans on stopping, he has released music recently and will be returning to Canada to headline his first outdoor music festival summer 2023.

Vince Ashton
Michelle Winters

Michelle Winters is an electric violinist from the Atlanta area. She primarily performs pop and rock songs, but she can play all genres. During the course of her career, one of Michelle’s favorite opportunities has been being part of the "Sounds of Southern Hospitality" Music Program at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. This has allowed her to demonstrate her love for Atlanta by not only entertaining guests from around the world, but she also won an award for great customer service in 2016, which is only given to one individual a year.

RJ Brady is an all-around entertainer noted for his breathtaking music and electric/high energy performances. Brady, a ntive of Mississippi, now resides in Atlanta, GA where he uses his eye to create art by using his musical influence to liberate his listeners and motivate them to be themselves unapologetically. RJ’s mission is to spread the love and passion that he has for inspiring others. He says moving people through his art is the greatest gift that the universe could have given him.

RJ Brady
Melodie Fort

Melodie Fort is a vocalist who seeks to reach the minds and hearts of those who love art through the great African American Musical art form called Jazz. She is excited to be a part of the Georgia Music Showcase so that she can not only express her artistry but add substance to the minds and hearts of the audience. In the past, she has performed in the Betty Carter Jazz Ahead program administered by the Kennedy Center.

Turquoise Music is an artist who has been making waves in the music industry with her unique brand of music, fashion, and creativity. Her sound is a blend of different genres, including EDM, House, Dance and Pop. She sings and raps in three languages, English, German and Spanish, giving her a unique edge over other artists.  Her lyrics are often poetic and speak to the heart of the listener. With her multilingualism, Turquoise Music has been able to reach out to fans from all over the world who appreciate her artistry.

Turquoise Muisc
Milyssa Rose

Milyssa Rose is a vocalist, rapper, songwriter, entertainer, and entrepreneur. She possesses a dynamic range and energetic stage show. Milyssa is very versatile in her sound and vocal styling. She loves to be creative, take on challenges, and be on the stage. She has opened for B5, Donnell Jones, and Faith Evans at the Sweet Auburn MusicFestival. Milyssa has worked with Lil Wyte, from 3 6 Mafia, and is debuting a song with Savile Row/Open Mike Eagle and Chubb Rock. She is very passionate about domestic violence, mental health issues, and her love for animals. She has volunteered her time and talents to WOWW Ministries throughout the years.

Meech Music (Demetrius Noble) is a Chicago/Indiana native, and he relocated to Georgia in 2018. He has  been making music since high school, but he really started taking it seriously within the last 10 yrs. Meech released his second album, Climate Change, on all media platforms, and he is currently working on his third album. Meech has performed at a few festivals since relocating to Atlanta, with the most recent being 2023’s Sweet Auburn Festival. Meech brings a good vibe of positive energy, and his music is positive and encouraging. He provides music that reaches all generations, from young to middle aged to older adults.

Meech Music
Lynn Tate

Lynn Tate is a singer, actor, writer, director, and performer who moved to Atlanta to follow her passion for music. For her, music takes her to her own world where all of her worries wash away. She has performed on the same stage as 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Jazzepha, Shawty Lo, and has also performed at Auburn Festival. Her new film, Bama Girl, comes out later this summer. She not only stars as the main character, but also wrote and directed the film. Cast members from the film will join her on stage at Look Up Atlanta. Lynn Tate is the definition of country swag, and she'll be bringing a different side of country to life on the Centennial Olympic Park stage!

Quezt (Anthony Velazquez), is a multi-talented and multi-genre artist on a journey through space and time. Quezt is an idea that as humans we all go through life on different paths with a multitude of outcomes. His music is a reflection of this idea in which stories are told using Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, and Latin sounds to convey life through a diverse lens. 

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